Dog Crate

Get a dog crate. In addition to avoiding disasters around your home, a dog crate makes life with your pooch so much easier.
Here’s Why:
First of all, a crate feels like a “den” to most dogs. It’s a comfortable place that is all their own, where they can feel safe.

It makes housebreaking all the easier. Canines naturally want to go to the bathroom far away from where they sleep, eat, and play.
A crate will save your house. Dogs can’t chew up everything when they are safe in their crates.
Dogs who have their crate, won’t feel the need to try out your new sofa or treat your bed as a trampoline while you are gone.
You will never have to come home and think, “Oh No – Not Again!”

What Size Dog Crate Do You Need?

The general rule is to pick a dog crate that is big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around. Yeah, I know that doesn’t help you unless you are going to bring your dog to the pet store and assemble crates, get your dog in them, and get your dog to turn around without making a scene. I usually measure my dogs while they are sleeping or lying down to get the best measurement and comfort for my gang.

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