Dog Bed

Reasons To Get Your Dog a Nice, and Comfort Bed

Your dog may not be human, but he is still your best friend and deserves to be treated that way. Would you want to live without a bed?
Dogs come to know what is theirs. Giving your dog, dog’s bed provides your faithful friend with a place to feel safe and secure.
Beds provide support and comfort for your canine’s bones and joints. This is particularly important for our older furry companions. Additionally, a dog bed insulates your dog from cold floors in the winter and warm floors in summer.
Since most dogs do prefer their bed to yours, it keeps them off your couch – saving a bunch of money on sheets and comforters.

Things To Look For In A Dog Bed

There are hundreds of dog beds you can buy. Some are great, and some aren’t so great.
We have tried hundreds through the years: There was the one Berry tore up in an hour, the one that Robin felt was a toilet, those that lost their cushioning after a few uses, and those that looked horrible after a measly week.
If you want your dog to feel comfortable and you want to save time and money in the long run — Don’t buy any dog bed unless it has the following three features:
Removable cover – one that is machine washable or dry clean (for luxury dog ​​beds). This is a MUST unless you call stinky dog ​​smelling aromatherapy. Also, if you or someone in your home is allergic to dogs, frequent washing of dog beds can help tons.
A “high-memory” poly-fill. Have you ever had a beautiful fluffy pillow turn into a pancake overnight? The same thing can happen to your canine friend’s bed.
I hate to say it, but you’re going to have to spend a few dollars. Have you ever found yourself trying to save money on something only to discover that you have to replace it a month later?
A dog bed is one of those things that is better to spend money upfront to save money in the future.
But more importantly, your dog will be more comfortable, your room will look and smell better, and it will save time and money in the long run.

What Size Dog Bed?
Typically the best way to find the right size bed is to measure your dog while he/she is lying down. Measure from nose to rear end and add 10-12 inches or if your canine likes to curl up measure the longest distance across.
If you are unsure, pick the larger size – better your dog have a little extra room than try to squeeze into a tiny spot or not use the bed at all.

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